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Shark Friendly Jewellery

Here at Two Skies, we like our Shark Tooth jewellery - shark tooth pendants have long been adorned by humans who viewed them as a potent symbol of protection. The ancient Hawaiians wore shark tooth jewellery as they believed that doing so kept the dangerous elements of the sea at bay. This belief was cemented by their myth of a young shark tooth wearing Hawaiian warrior, who was the victor of a furious battle with a sea god.

The bad news! Every year, thousands of sharks are ruthlessly killed for the shark fin and shark tooth trade. This trade is the single biggest threat to the world's shark populations.

The good news! At Two Skies, we use nothing but fossilised teeth - hand collected by Adam's friend Mark, who scuba dives into the Atlantic ocean, off South Carolina, surrounded by Mako and Great White Sharks! Once back on land, the teeth need to be cleaned and polished to remove the coral and barnacles which have formed over millions of years. After all of this, only a few of the teeth found make the grade for jewellery/collectors!

From the smaller teeth of the Snaggletooth, to the monstrous, palm sized teeth of the Megalodon, our shark tooth jewellery doesn't involve killing anything born in the last 30 million years!

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