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isla rose

In certain remote locations on Scotland's west coast, creamy pink calcite limestone is naturally polka-dotted with green diopside and black pyroxene crystals.   This rare gem-quality material is only accessible by Two Skies' Adam risking the unpredictable island tides in his wee boat.  Harsh winter storms help the process of eroding the desirable pink stones away from their mother rock, but don't make Adam's trips any easier!  


Although it has been known to quarrymen and islanders for centuries, the newly-christened 'Isla Rose' has only recently been introduced to the wider world.  Its unique beauty is already capturing attention!  When it comes to the metaphysical, crystal healers say they can sense a pure, positive energy emanating from the limestone content, encouraging a motivated mind.  Associations are also felt with the heart chakra, gratitude, love and prosperity.