Historic Edinburgh Cobblestones

The 'Streets of old Edinburgh' collection - jewellery made from historic cobblestones (locally quarried basalt) which were gifted to Two Skies during the refurbishment of Rose Street in the Georgian 'New Town' of the city.    A design competition was held in January of 1766 to find a suitably modern layout for the new suburb. It was won by 26-year-old James Craig, who, following the natural contours of the land, proposed a simple grid, with a principal thoroughfare linking two garden squares.   Considering their age, these cobbles have seen many events in Edinburgh's historical timeline, including the birth of Sir Walter Scott in 1771, lavish parties held by Edinburgh's elite to entertain famous poet Robert Burns in 1786, and the execution of the infamous Deacon Brodie in 1788!   You can find out more about what these cobblestones have seen here!