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Two Skies brings you innovative and beautiful designs.   Always 'thinking outside the box', our flagship native Scottish Marble jewellery proved so successful, it has spawned several competitors.   With aspirations to be as low impact as possible, our 'take only what is needed' ethos means you are not just buying a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery, but also a thoughtful one.  

Whether featuring key Scottish gemstones, our ethical Scottish Gold or recycled/upcycled gemstones, our pieces are always a talking point.  They are a wish or a promise - connecting those far from Scotland to her ages old roots and traditions.   Two Skies has never been about 'fast fashion' - each piece of our jewellery is made with the utmost care and are stories within themselves, and we hope they continue your own story - as part of a beloved heirloom, a gift of love or the celebration of a special occasion.


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"No adventure is too crazy, no risk is too great, no journey too extreme, when Adam McIntosh sets about sourcing his rare and unusual gems.  Born in Scotland and raised in Papua New Guinea, he is renowned for his environmentally sound and ethically sourced stones."

Two Skies Edinburgh
Celebrating the shop's 3rd birthday
in May 2018 with manager Natalie
Adam McIntosh, Scottish Gemologist
Advising at the Scottish Gemmological
Association meeting in October 2018

Two Skies the business was born in 2003.

A hopeful, optimistic young Adam McIntosh left Edinburgh in 2001 with the vague plan to travel the world and earn his way during his journeys as a kilt-wearing folk singer and story-teller; however, he found his true vocation along the way!

Staying with the native tribespeople of Nova Scotia in Canada gave him a keen interest in bartering and trading.  It was here, whilst working and living with the Mi'kmaq tribe, that he was gifted the name 'Two Skies'.  A passion for gemstones then developed in Arizona, where he met Native Americans dealing in turquoise.  Stopping off in Australia, delighted prospectors celebrating the discovery of an opal seam gifted him a bag of precious opal offcuts to add to his collection in exchange for a round of beers! Several hair-raising adventures followed, including being chased out of The Dominican Republic by gangsters, and living with a witchdoctor in rural Africa.

By the time he returned from travelling, Adam had gathered many gems. He took them into town in a wheelbarrow to sell from a blanket. With no street traders license, he was often moved on - but the business had begun! It has continued to grow steadily through the years and includes official stalls, a small team of skilled silversmiths setting the stones into jewellery, and in 2015 the first bricks and mortar Two Skies shop opened on the Royal Mile.  The story doesn't end there, as Two Skies has established a growing online presence with three Etsy shops, and it's very own 'dot scot' website!

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