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ancient coins:
trading tokens & old british coins

Ancient Coins:

Adam traded these from his friend Pradip, whose father was a collector of ancient Indian and Afghani coins.
The majority of these pieces originate from the Raja Raja Chola empire (1000 year old coins), and Mughal empire (500 year old trading token).  A trading token was often a weight of metal gold, silver or brass, which was then traded for an item or service. The metal bars were cut by hand and then stamped by the maker. These tokens are brass.

Old British Coins:

Obtained directly from Grandpa McIntosh's old coin stash, we have set many of these out-of-circulation coins into sterling silver settings. Giving the coins a new lease of life as a little piece of wearable history, as well as originally being minted in potentially meaningful years, make these pieces amazing and unique gifts for birthdays or anniversaries!

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