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scottish bawbee coin replicas

Between 1124 and 1709, the coinage of Scotland was independent and all locally minted. It included such unique coins as the plack, bodle, Scottish dollar, ryal and bawbee!  The bawbee, or Scots halfpenny, was particularly beloved and has left it's mark in history through numerous poems and songs including 'The Ballad of Jennie's Bawbee', country dance song 'The Crooked Bawbee' and famous children's rhyme 'Coulter's Candy'. Amazingly enough, Two Skies has ties with this special coin - the bawbee was named after the Laird of Sillebawby, the mint master who introduced it. The Sillebawby farm (where the coins were hand-hammered until 1677) is directly next door to our headquarters in Burntisland, Fife!  Our Bawbees are a cast reproduction, seeing as the original coins are extremely rare.

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