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Orrock 'Diamonds'

Presenting an affordable and locally-sourced alternative to April's birthstone, Diamond ... 'Orrock Diamonds' from our very own Burntisland!  A beautiful form of rock crystal, Orrock Diamonds were romantically named by local sailors, who told tales of being guided home along the Forth by the moonlight glittering on jewels in the Binn hills.  Written records of 'diamonds' being discovered in Orrock date back to 1791. Sir Robert Sibbald wrote about their exceptional quality in 1913, and in 1950 they are mentioned in the publication 'Afoot in Fife', but are little known today.  The Orrock quarry is an excavation of an extinct volcano, with the main mineral zone in the crater at the top. Although long since dug away, when first opened up the crystal caverns were so large that the miners could stand inside! With the material all crushed to make tarmac for roads, there is now nothing to be found (and private collectors are no longer allowed inside to look), making these gems very sought-after.

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