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herkimer diamonds

Herkimer quartz "diamonds" are rare, naturally formed and faceted crystals of exceptional clarity, originally discovered in Herkimer county, upstate New York - hence the name! They are named after diamonds not only because of their sparkling clarity, but the naturally formed double termination (pointed ends) and 18 sided facet. Like diamonds, they are extremely rare and difficult to find! Our current stock of Herks were mined at a new location in Afghanistan. Although not from Herkimer, New York, these “diamonds” display the same unique double terminated formation and same beautiful clarity. They are also known in the jewellery trade as “Afghan Herks”. Some Herkimers may have subtle, natural inclusions, such as water or plant inclusions which are extremely rare and demonstrate the stone's natural formation. Stones of attunement, they are said to relieve tensions and heal addictions.