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Edinburgh  sea  glass

Adam scoured the beaches at Granton, Edinburgh for these sea treasures.  We usually see sea glass in a mattified state, due to the sands and seas buffing away at the once sharp pieces, making them smooth and of a frosted appearance.  Adam, always liking to be a bit different, hit upon the idea to treat the sea glass as he would any other gemstone – by cutting, faceting and polishing, an expensive process usually reserved for semi precious gemstones.   The result is wonderfully sparkling, beautiful sea-born jewels in many different colours!  Once old wine bottles, beer bottles, medicine bottles, ornaments and other lost belongings, this Edinburgh Sea Glass has been reborn into a highly desirable little piece of Edinburgh's history! Buy with confidence - though removing pebbles and sand from the shore is prohibited (we collect our other 'beach' items from beyond the high tide mark)  there are no restrictions on collecting sea glass in the UK.

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