scottish Gold

That's right, gold from Scotland!  Lesser known that its Californian counterpart, Scottish gold is described by Adam as "rarer than rocking horse poop"! Our Outlander inspired 'Standing Stane' pendants showcase a natural nugget, framed in 925 sterling silver.

Our nuggets are panned by hand by Adam’s friends Leon and John in the freezing mountain burns (Scots Gaelic for small river). The localities of Tyndrum on the West Coast, and Leadhills in Wanlockhead are now popular places to find these rare nuggets.  However, even if you are a professional, it is still a challenge to find more than a 1/4 of a gram of gold a day,  and that's once you have spent an entire day preparing the river!  This involves removing the big rocks, in order to get down to the bed rock, where the gold lies hiding in the cracks and crevices. It is then collected by a process know as sniping, i.e. crawling along the river bed, scraping the gold from the bedrock.  The material is then panned by hand to separate the small stones and gravel from the gold.  Now that's what we call a product of love!