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Green, Amber, Danger!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

La Cumbre, Dominican Republic

Blue Amber is only found in one single location on our planet – the Dominican Republic.

This material is incredibly rare and sourced from dangerous mines south of La Cumbre. Dominican Amber is different from Baltic Amber due to the high amount of fossilised inclusions – this is the amber which inspired the Jurassic Park novels!

25 million years ago, now extinct tree species began producing extra resin in order to protect themselves from the heat from nearby volatile volcano activity. The blue colour comes from the fine volcanic dust which has settled inside.

Blue Amber is so rare, that sales of the rough material is fiercely guarded by local mafia gangs, seeking to monopolise the market. Adam got into trouble with them as he was offering double the price to the miners for their amber – a situation which was not taken lightly! Forced to flee in the middle of the night and go into hiding, he later found his hotel room had been ransacked. Lucky for us that the gang didn't go into the bathroom, where the small haul of precious amber Adam had acquired had been soaking off in the bath.

He says that the Blue Amber pendants we had made feature the best of his haul from his trip back in 2007, and they're unlikely to come back into stock because he's not going back in a hurry!