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Adam's Thai Fishcake Recipe

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

As you might imagine from someone used to self-sufficiency and life on the road, Adam is a keen cook. Just for fun, here's his personal recipe for his famous and much loved Thai Fishcakes!

What you'll need for Adam's Thai Fishcakes:

1 x cup rice

1 x good handful of fresh coriander

2 x sticks lemongrass

4 x cloves of garlic

1 x egg

1 x chunk of ginger, about thumb size

2 x pieces/fillets of cooked haddock

4 x kaffir lime leaves

Salt and pepper to taste

½ x fresh chilli, or a bit more if you like it hot!


Boil rice until cooked. Drain and leave to cool. Chop/grate/shred and then blend the garlic, ginger, lemon grass, chilli and kaffir lime leaves together. Mix with the cooled rice - should be at no more than room temperature. Remove any excess moisture from the haddock with a paper towel. Tear fish using your fingers or a fork into chunky pieces, and blend the fish and coriander together. Add as much salt and pepper as you wish. Whisk the egg, and add half to whole of the beaten egg to blend all the ingredients together - you want enough egg to get the mixture to 'stick' together enough to form balls. Form into balls and get ready to fry. Frying pan and oil should be hot before adding the cakes. Squish down into patties when partly cooked with your spatula. Flip over and finish cooking. Cakes should be golden and heated all the way through.

Quick and Tasty Dipping Sauce - Bonus Recipe!

Blend sweet chilli sauce, a dash of fish sauce, some sesame seed oil/seeds and fresh coriander to taste.

Adam says steamed veggies on the side make a great accompaniment.



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