Vibrant and completely natural  blue!  Rare south western USA turquoise, in a beautifully designed pair of delicate drop earrings.   Earrings measures roughly 18x7mm, not including sterling silver hook and eye.  Gemstone measures 7x5mm.   Drop length approximately 22mm.  Comes in a Two Skies presentation box.


Please note, that we have several pairs of very similar earrings in stock and the pair you receive may not necessarily be the pair in the photographs.  We felt that they were so similar, it was not necessary to photograph each pair, as the differences in the gemstones were so minimal.  If in any doubt, you can ask to choose from available pairs from a quick photograph before the earrings are sent out - just ask in the note at checkout.



Turquoise Sterling Silver Celtic Earrings

  • All of our turquoise is stabilised unless otherwise stated in the main listing. Stones that are naturally very soft or porous tend to be stabilised for jewellery. Modern methods of stabilisation involve injecting epoxy resin into the stone in a high pressure oven, which seals all the cracks and pores. It also stops the gem from changing over time - people who wear non-stabilised Turquoise often complain about their stone darkening and going green over time (this is due to natural body oils reacting with the minerals, causing the colour to change.) Some stabilised stones are chemically dyed at the same time, however colour enhancements are never made by Two Skies, which is in line with gem industry standards - you can be assured the colours displayed in our stones are 100% natural.