Naturally formed Tektite droplet, carefully drilled and finished with an 18" 925 sterling silver snake chain.  Tektite droplet measures roughly 37x17x13mm.   Your Tektite necklace will be carefully sent out to you in a Two Skies presentation box, ready for gifting.


Tektite Pendant, Sterling Silver Necklace

SKU: 9743
  • Tektites are an amazing type of natural glass formed by the heat and impact of meteorites landing on Earth. Debris was thrown high into the air, meaning that tektites often display a characteristic 'droplet' shape as they cooled whilst falling.   Gram-for-gram, Tektite is rarer than a diamond, as only 50 tonnes were ever formed on earth (compared to over 26 tonnes of diamond produced EVERY YEAR!).