Hand-mined and polished Green Marble set in a 925 sterling silver Celtic Sun design.  The apple green colours in this gorgeous pendant truly represent the various lush greenery of our beautiful countryside.   


Please note that we have more than one of these pendants in stock, and the pendant you receive, although a similar shade of green, may not be the exact pendant in the photographs as every stone is unique - please see photos for examples.


Comes complete with complimentary matching 18" 925 sterling silver link chain.  Pendant measures roughly 25x20x5mm, including bail.

At Two Skies, we think that "to own a piece of Scottish marble is to own a piece of Scotland itself."

Celtic Sun Sterling Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Green marble is mined by hand by Two Skies in the Scottish Highlands and the West coast islands. Over 800 million years ago, limestone was formed under the oceans of Scotland. As plant life of the time died and settled on the sea bed the life-sustaining chlorophyll from these plants, coupled with the metamorphosis of the limestone, resulted in what we now know as Scottish marble. Scottish marble has been prized by fishermen for centuries. On the Isle of Iona they would not leave port without their lucky green gems. It has been used by healers to help the body return to a time unhindered by the stresses and pollution of modern times.