A large stunning, natural blue Opal Doublet with beautifully sparkling rainbow colour play. A wonderfully tactile piece which has been skilfully set in a 925 sterling silver filigree band.   Gemstone measures approximately 29x22mm.  Ring size is set at U (UK) or 10¼ (US). Comes in a Two Skies presentation box.


Please note that as this is a vintage piece, there may be a light surface patina in some areas and a few minor scuffs on the silver (see photos), which can be professionally polished out (silver is very soft and it is perfectly normal to obtain some scuffs during normal day to day wear).


Australian Opal Doublet Sterling Silver Filigree Ring

  • A doublet should always be sold as a doublet and not a solid opal! Our opal doublets are made up of thin slices of high grade fiery opal, mostly from Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy mines in Australia. Once cut thin, the opal is backed onto a piece of potch (opaque opal). This makes our opal doublets very affordable but a bit more fragile than our solid opals.