Beautiful Kingman Turquoise, set in a handsome pair of sterling silver cufflinks.  Gemstone cufflink fronts measure approximately 22x12x4mm, and come with a classic toggle fastening.  Comes with a Two Skies presentation box.  Perfect gift for a groomsman, executive or snappy dresser!

Kingman Turquoise Sterling Silver Cufflinks

  • Kingman Turquoise

    Family run today, the Kingman mine is one of three prehistoric turquoise mining sites in Arizona. The mine produces every colour of turquoise from blue to green, and varying volumes of matrix.



    The name was coined from Turkey, where the first "Persian Stones" were mined. Now sourced from Asia and the United States, the most prized colours are the "dark greens" of Tibetan/Asian stones and the "sky blues" such as those sourced from Sleeping Beauty Mine, Arizona. Used by the Native American Navajo during vision quests, it is a stone of guidance and protection.