A unique and unusual ring of glittering natural Iron Pyrite!  A truly individual piece, set in 925 sterling silver. Chunky Pyrite piece measures roughly 22x20x14mm.  The clever design of the band means that the ring can be carefully adjusted to span sizes  N-W (UK) and 7-11 (US).  Will be sent in a quality Two Skies presentation box, ready for gifting.  


We would be happy to size your ring for you before we send it - this can sometimes be a delicate process; as although as hardwearing as standard sized rings, these kind of rings shouldn't repeatedly be adjusted as the metal will gradually be weakened each time.  Just let us know what size to set it to in either the gift message text box or at checkout.

Chunky Cubic Iron Pyrite 'Fool's Gold' Sterling Silver Ring

  • Iron Pyrite, otherwise known as "Fool's Gold", is a naturally occurring, perfectly formed cubic cluster of a yellow gold mineral.  The metallic and slightly brassy lustre means that countless prospectors have mistaken it for its' more valuable look-a-like.  'White iron pyrite' or marcasite is often used in jewellery, and was at the height of popularity in the Victorian era and with art noveau designers. However, we at Two Skies love to be different and have used unpolished cubic pyrite for a range of most unusual rings and pendants.