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Peridot Tales

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Peridot is the birthstone for August babies, and this lime green gemstone has some interesting stories associated with it. The gem was a favourite of Cleopatra's, who believed it kept dark spirits at bay. In the 17th century, apothecary shops would keep powered peridot in stock, for use against ailments such as nightmares and insomnia, as well as for improving the memory.

Adam found another peridot story whilst travelling the US, making connections with turquoise traders. Here he is with Pansy, an Apache elder who, at 85, spent days scouring the desert for raw peridot pieces.

Peridot, Arizona

While travelling in the area making contacts with turquoise miners, Adam's bedtime reading was a book called 'Buried Treasure', which told him that a nearby Native American reservation was the world's largest deposit of peridot gemstones. The book contained the story of Pansy, an Apache elder who spends her days in the desert digging and gathering stones at the age of 85! Seriously impressed, Adam knew he'd just have to meet her if it was at all possible. It didn't take long to travel to the reservation to track down Pansy in person - almost everyone Adam encountered along the way knew 'Peridot Pansy'.

Finally they reached the right address and Adam introduced himself to Pansy, explaining why he'd tracked her down, showing her 'Buried Treasure'. She remembered being interviewed but never knew she had been written about in a book and wept when the passage was read to her - she had experienced a very hard life being forced off her native land, and knowing that her story had been read by so many people was a little overwhelming for this amazing lady.

Happily, Adam and Pansy did some deals and Two Skies secured a good supply of her peridot. We've also sent Pansy a lovely Peridot pendant of her own with our love - she has never owned a finished piece of her own stone - plus her own copy of 'Buried Treasure'.

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