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Hidden Treasures - Secret of the Hill

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Here at Craigencalt Farm where we are lucky enough to have Two Skies HQ situated, we are used to amazing things quietly happening in the background whilst we go about our daily business. Ducks are nesting up at the top pool this year, the swallows are swooping the office door, which used to be a horse stable - genetic memory is an incredible thing! We've also seen Mother Nature display her best - calm, sunny days - and her worst - heavy rains, gales and flooding (creating a 'river' through the farm's courtyard, complete with 'river bed' debris!).

There's also often far more than meets the eye to this quiet location, proven with a recent discovery, the story of which starts with a lot of heavy rain! Last year, a particularly bad storm washed away a historical stone wall here on the farm. Below is a picture of the now (almost) repaired wall.

The builders coming to repair the wall this year were shocked to discover beautiful crystals which had been part of the original old wall all along! Craigencalt Farm was founded on rich volcanic ground and the builders at the time used what resources were available to them, in the form of large geode bearing rocks - also known as vugs - which look like any old rock until they are cracked, revealing sometimes incredible crystal formations!

Adam was delighted with the builder's discovery, which included smoky quartz and amethyst. In fact, Adam's wife Roberta's wedding ring showcases a particularly beautiful piece of this smoky quartz, which Adam himself took from the hill on which their treehouse stands! You can see Adam's design image of Roberta's ring below, which also includes a very rare Scottish Sapphire and rare Elie rubies.

As for the fate of the crystals discovered by the curious builders, Adam has cleaned them up and they have taken pride of place in one of the cabinets containing his huge collection of gemstones.

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