This sterling silver pendant is frame set with a fascinating and unique Elrathia Trilobite fossil.  Pendant measures roughly 30x17mm, including bail.  Comes with a complimentary 18" sterling silver chain and is presented in a quality Two Skies jewellery box, ready for gifting. 

Trilobite Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Dug by hand in Utah, this Elrathia species, Trilobite fossil is a remarkable, hard-shelled, segmented creatures that existed over 520 million years ago in the Earth's ancient seas! Although all extinct now, (they went extinct before dinosaurs even came into existence!) they represent among the first explosions of biological diversity that this amazing planet of ours has generated over time.

    Until the early 1900s, the Ute Native Americans of Utah wore these trilobites, which they called pachavee (little water bug), as amulets. A hole was bored in the head and the fossil was worn on a string. According to the Ute themselves, trilobite necklaces protect against disease and bullets.