Our native Jasper tends to be a very deep cherry red, with attractive black Hematite and white Quartz markings!  You will receive the unique pair of earrings in the photographs.  Hand-mined and polished Scottish Red Jasper set in a beautiful 925 sterling silver Celtic Knot design.


Earrings each measure roughly 27x15mm, not including eye and sterling silver ear hook.  Gemstones are approximately 15x10mm. 

At Two Skies, we think that "to own a piece of Scottish Red Jasper is to own a piece of Scotland itself."

Scottish Red Jasper Celtic Sterling Silver Earrings

SKU: 9692
  • Our native Red Jasper comes from the east coast of Scotland. The common red colour is due to natural iron ore inclusions, but sometimes it is also yellow, brown or green in colour, and very rarely, even blue! Our stones are a mixture of red jasper, white quartz and hematite. Red Jasper is thought to increase strength, energy, stamina, focus and determination. Particularly here in Scotland, it was known as 'the warrior's stone' or 'stone of endurance' and was used for controlling and grounding.


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