You will receive the unique sterling silver ring pictured.  It is not actually a fossil; rather it is an ancient imprint of the place where an ammonite shell once rested.   These imprints became impregnated with pyrite (hence the term pyritized), and they are the negative image of the shell.   Imprint measures roughly 25x25mm.


The clever design of the band means that this ring is adjustable through sizes M-U (UK scale) and 6¼ -10¼ (US scale). 


We are happy to size the ring for you to a size within the scale indicated before sending - just let us know in the comments box at checkout.


Pyritized Ammonite Negative Sterling Silver Ring

  • Roaming the oceans as far back as 200 million years ago, these squid-like sea creatures are fossilised relatives of the chambered nautilus shell. The name "ammonite" was inspired by the spiral shape of the fossilised shells, which somewhat resemble tightly coiled rams' horns. It is thought the name derived from the Greek God Ammon, who is typically depicted wearing rams horns. 


    Our Jurassic period, Pyrite Ammonite fossils come from Buttenheim, Germany, where Adam's friend Martin prepares the ammonite by removing the white "skin" that surrounds the raw fossil and buffs up the pyrite using a brass wheel. These are then hand-crafted into unique jewellery pieces, which highlight the intricate detail of the ammonite's chambers.


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