Beautiful and unique natural sustainably sourced Pāua shell, the by-product of a New Zealand fisherman's meal.  The gorgeous iridescent colours are completely natural!  Claw set in sterling silver, the pendant measures approximately 58x25x4mm including bail.   Comes with a complimentary 18" sterling silver chain, and will be packed in a Two Skies gift box. 

Pāua Shell Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Pāua are gathered recreationally and commercially but strict catch limits are set for both. Adam has an agreement with small scale New Zealand fishermen, who collect the pāua for food. To Māori, pāua are recognised taonga (treasure), esteemed both as kaimoana (seafood) and as a valued resource for traditional  arts and crafts. Pāua are frequently used to represent the eyes in Māori carvings and traditionally are associated with the stars or whetū; the symbolic eyes of ancestors that gaze down from the night sky.