Natural Moldavite droplet, claw set in 925 sterling silver.  This piece of Moldavite showcases a fantastically textured surface, and perfectly demonstrating how millions of years ago this boiling space born glass formed bubbles which popped as it cooled - making for a completely unique piece of history!  


Pendant measures roughly 32x12x5mm, including bail.  Comes with a complimentary 18" sterling silver chain and is presented in a quality Two Skies jewellery box, ready for gifting.

At Two Skies we believe that owning this highly sought after "space gem" pendant will strengthen and enhance your inner joinery and accelerate personal and spiritual evolution. 

Moldavite Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Moldavites are an amazing type of natural glass, formed by the heat and impact of a meteorite landing on Earth 15 million years ago. Glass formations like this ('tektites') have been discovered across the globe, but moldavites are unique in their olive-green colouring and can only be found in a small area surrounding the river Moldau in The Czech Republic/Germany. Treasured for centuries by various cultures, it has been used for many purposes - from arrowheads to lucky talismans. Gram-for-gram, Moldavite is rarer than a diamond, as only 50 tonnes were ever formed on earth (compared to over 26 tonnes of diamond produced PER YEAR!)  Without a doubt very rare and precious, moldavites are also thought to hold extremely powerful metaphysical energies and are associated with the holy grail.