Interesting and unusual, this pendant features a beautifully polished piece of Marston Marble, with intricate details of tiny fossilised ammonites. Pendant measures roughly 34x16x6mm, including bail. Frame set in 925 sterling silver and comes complete with a complimentary 18" sterling silver chain. Comes in a Two Skies presentation box, ready for gifting.

Marston Marble Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Sourced from Somerset in England, this fascinating material is actually not marble at all, but a melding of many tiny, rare ammonites from the Jurassic period, making Marston Marble around 200 million years old! The white ammonite shells are perfectly preserved amongst mineralised mudstone and calcite. Marston Marble was previously used to make grave markers in the local churchyards, but the original location of the find was lost for many years, giving it somewhat of a holy grail status to fossil hunters!