Hand collected from the seas surrounding the tiny Scottish Isle of Iona, before being cut, shaped and polished into a shape known as 'Columba's Tear'.  A beautiful little keepsake from the holy Isle of Iona.  Pendant measures approximately 28x12x6mm, and comes on an adjustable, lightly waxed black cotton cord, in a mini tartan pouch with an Iona Marble story card.

At Two Skies, we think that "To own a piece of Iona Marble is to own a piece of Scotland herself. By purchasing this beautiful jewellery you are connected not just to Scotland but to her history, age old traditions and folklore."

Iona Marble Pendant

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  • This beautifully unique natural Scottish stone portrays the unique island landscape it was hand collected from during a free-diving session by Adam in the chilly seawaters of the Isle of Iona!  Known by some as the sacred stone of Columba, green marble has been treasured and crafted by jewellers for centuries. On the Isle of Iona the fishermen would not leave port without their lucky green gems. It has been used by healers to help the body return to a time unhindered by the stresses and pollution of modern times.