An ancient, fossilised shark tooth, crafted by Two Skies into a wearable piece of history.  Wearing a shark tooth is said to be a symbol of protection and strength.   Set in mirror finish 925 sterling silver, with a complimentary 18" silver plated chain.


Pendant measures around 31x16x5mm including bail, and has been ethically sourced - no living sharks were killed to make this pendant!

Fossilised Shark Tooth Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Every year, thousands of sharks are killed for the shark fin/tooth trade.  This is the single biggest threat to the world's shark populations.  At Two Skies, we use nothing but fossilised teeth - which average 36 million years old and are hand collected in South Carolina.  From the smaller teeth of the Snaggletooth, to the monstrous, palm-sized teeth of the Megalodon, our shark teeth jewellery doesn't involve killing anything born in the last few million years!


    Hand collected by Adam’s friend Mark, who scuba dives into the atlantic ocean, off South Carolina, surrounded by Mako and Great White Sharks!  Once back on land, the teeth need to be cleaned and polished to remove the coral and barnacles which have formed over millions of years.   After all of this, only a few of the teeth found make the grade for jewellery/collectors!  To grade a tooth, the shape and the serrations are considered. Often the teeth found in the ocean have had their serrations worn away over time by the water and sand.   The fossilised sharks teeth are also found in the swamps, however this method of sourcing is a lot harder as they need to be dug out,  not to mention the danger of biting bugs and crocodiles! However, due to the protection provided by the swamp, these sharks teeth often still have the original serrations and can therefore fetch a much higher price.   The large teeth come from the ancestor of the great white shark; the Megalodon, while the small ones come from the Snaggletooth shark. Both of these species died out in the Miocene period, making these teeth around 30 million years old.