Naturally soft pink, this beautifully semi-translucent piece of Rose Quartz has been skilfully faceted, giving this romantic gemstone a wonderful sparkle.   Set in a premium sterling silver adjustable ring, with companion Sapphire, which is nestled in a solid 14ct gold collet.   


This stunning ring can cleverly span ring sizes O-X (UK) or 7¼-11½ (US).  Photos show ring worn at size P or 7¾.  Rose Quartz gemstone is a generous 14x9mm size, Sapphire is 5x4mm.


As sizing rings can sometimes be a delicate procedure, we would be happy to do this for you - just let us know which size you prefer and we will adjust it before sending it out to you.  


Comes in a Two Skies presentation box, ready for gifting. 

Faceted Rose Quartz & Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring

  • Rose Quartz, appropriately commonly known as the 'love stone' or 'heart stone'.  Records show this pale pink gem being exchanged as a token of affection as early as 600 BC. And while it's mainly believed to attract romantic intimacy, it can also be used to promote bonding within groups, increase harmony with nature, strengthen self-belief, and enhance awareness of beauty wherever it can be found.