A piece of ancient fossilised dinosaur bone originally sourced from Utah, USA, which has been skilfully set in a 925 sterling silver pendant. Incredibly, over millions of years, the bone material has been gradually replaced by Jasper minerals, creating this unique, red gemstone! Definitely a one of a kind piece - the material is rare and can no longer be collected! Pendant measures 30x17x5mm, including rear facing bail. Comes with a complimentary premium 18"-20" 'Celtic Twist' sterling silver rope chain. Will be sent out in a quality Two Skies presentation box, ready for gifting. 

Dinosaur Bone Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Fossils aren't actually the bones of ancient creatures themselves, but their stone replacements. Fossils are created by the slow replacement of bone molecules with the mineral molecules of ground water. Depending on conditions, this process can sometimes even preserve the delicate structure of the bones. Other times, the bone dissolves completely, leaving an imprint on the rocks they once lay upon. Teeth and bones are the hardiest parts of vertebrate's bodies. They survive long after everything else has rotted away or been eaten. With the exception of footprints, skeletal remains are the most common fossils to find. However, very few animals of the millions that lived have ever become fossilised, making fossils a rare find!


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