Stunning, natural Opal Doublets with beautifully silky colour play, set in a simple sterling silver twist ring.  Gemstones measure approximately 6x4mm.  Width of band 3mm.  Ring size is set at US 9/UK R but can be adjusted just a little either way without compromising the design. Comes in a Two Skies tartan pouch.


Australian Opal Doublet Two Stone Sterling Silver Ring

SKU: ODDR Ring 2
  • A doublet should always be sold as a doublet and not a solid opal! Our opal doublets are made up of thin slices of high grade fiery opal, mostly from Lightning Ridge and Coober Pedy mines in Australia. Once cut thin, the opal is backed onto a piece of potch (opaque opal). This makes our opal doublets very affordable but a bit more fragile than our solid opals.