Vibrant and completely natural sky blue!  Rare south western USA turquoise sourced from mines in Arizona. Set on a sterling silver custom fit bezel frame, this pendant comes with a complimentary 18" sterling silver link chain.  Pendant measures roughly 31x13x5mm, including bail.

Arizona Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Naturally blue turquoise sourced from Turquoise mines in the South West of the USA.   Our turquoise has natural inclusions from the matrix, which hints at the journey of the stone from mine to high quality pendant.   The name was coined from Turkey, where the first "Persian Stones" were mined. Now sourced from Asia and the United States, the most prized colours are the "dark greens" of Tibetan/Asian stones and the "sky blues" such as those sourced from Sleeping Beauty Mine, Arizona. Used by the Native American Navajo during vision quests, it is a stone of guidance and protection.