Two Skies is pleased to bring you genuine meteorite pendants from Campo del Cielo in Argentina, where there are at least 26 craters from the impact of meteorites landing millions of years ago.  Job lot price works out at £8.50/$10.64* per pendant!  These little beauties have fantastic moon-like features and would make great and unusual gifts!  Instead of encasing these in a sterling silver frame setting, we have carefully soldered a 925 sterling silver finding directly onto the meteorite shard, which achieves a strong (and affordable!) yet dainty pendant.   

Please note that no cords or gift bags will be supplied unless ordered separately.  You will receive 5 loose meteorite pendants in one pack, each with a story card/authorisation of authenticity, which will be ready to cord and card with your own packaging.  If you would like to add cords, pouches or both to your order, please click here.

Each meteorite shard will be unique, but generally for these job lot listings, the shards measure between 12 and 16mm long and weigh at least 10g collectively.  At Two Skies we believe that owning these highly sought after "space gems" will strengthen and enhance your inner joinery and accelerate personal and spiritual evolution.   


* conversion rate accurate at time of publication






5 x Meteorite Pendants, Sterling Silver Bails

  • A meteorite is a solid piece of debris from a source such as an asteroid or a comet, which originates in outer space and survives its impact with the Earth's surface. Using a metal detector these are found by Adam's friend Hans in the deserts and fields of Argentina, in large craters in Campo Del Cielo; hence the name, which translates as 'Fields of Heaven'. Falling to the earth millions of years ago, they are a composition of nickel and iron in the form a rough droplet - the shape that they formed as they fell to earth! In terms of metaphysical healing, meteorites are said to inspire confidence and assist with strengthening the blood!