June's birthstones:
Moonstone & Pearl

PEARL:  Along with amber and jet, pearl is an 'organic gem', meaning that it's not simply a mineral material but has been created from or by a living organism.  When a mollusk gets sand or another foreign body stuck inside its shell, it soothes the irritation by coating the speck with layer upon layer of iridescent nacre - this is how pearls, of various shapes, sizes and colours, are formed. Because of these origins they are considered gems of nurturing, nourishment and healing.

MOONSTONE:  Our Moonstone (either Sri Lankan, Rainbow or a white variety of Labradorite with particularly high quality shimmer) displays an ethereal glow - the ancient Romans would carry Moonstone whilst travelling at night for protection! All varieties of Moonstone are said to have strong connections with the spiritual world and the moon. The moon has been associated with femininity, fertility and motherhood since time immemorial, and Moonstone is said to nurture and balance the spirit.